Madre Foods

Our Story

We believe in bearing witness;

       in holding an open space;

       in loving unconditionally.

We believe in sisterhood, brotherhood, kinship;

       in always having room at the table;

       in celebrating the awe of humanhood.

We believe in caring for our neighbors;

       in guilt-free self nurturing;

       in unapologetic living.


                                   In honor of you,

                                         The MADRE Family


Katelyn Hilburn, Owner

Katelyn's background is in community action and partnership facilitation.  After having her first born, Katelyn became painfully aware of the needs of postpartum mothers and new families.  Weaving this knowledge with her past food journeys of high performance athletics and illness recovery - she set out on a mission to pass down the legacy of her family's foods to anyone looking to be nourished and perform their best.

Kati Sommer, Madre Maker

Kati grew up in Santa Fe and attended college in Portland, OR. Feeling homesick, she moved back to Santa Fe years ago and pursued her passion for healthy food and sustainable agriculture as a school garden coordinator. As a Madre Maker she’s proud to provide nutritious broths to the Santa Fe community. 

Jenn Warren, Madre Maker

Jenn’s fascination with food began in childhood where she grew up near the ocean. As a toddler, she developed an adventurous pallet eating oysters, crab, and shrimp foraged from her backyard marsh. As a professional, her heart is rooted in experiential education, fueling her work in farm-to-school programs, non-profit community kitchens, sustainable agriculture farms, and recreational cooking schools. Jenn is honored to be a Madre Maker and is deeply fulfilled knowing she provides the Santa Fe community nurturing foods made with love.

Jamie Kim, Nourishment Spiritleader

Jamie's life is centered around all things food, farm, and puppets — all a beautiful spectacle from the hearts and hands. At Madre Foods, Jamie loves sharing our tastiest, good-for-you broths that nourish our body and soul (because, there's so much loving care and kindness in every pouch!).

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